Searching for WeHo Jesus: An Attempt to Find Meaning on the Streets of Hollywood

After being re-edited, the film was reintroduced in Chinese theaters in May, but bombed at the box office. The company also has angered studios by releasing American blockbusters simultaneously on the same weekend, a tactic perceived to favor local productions. For its part, China Film, based in Beijing, has faced growing pressure to improve relations with movie studios in advance of a planned initial public offering, given that a lingering financial dispute with its American partners could dampen investor interest. “The U.S.

Nah, but, I gotta relationship with the real Jesus. 4:50: Rather than helping me with my quest Tyrone Burne gives me a burned copy of his comedy CD. He reminds me, for the road, that he was once on “That’s So Raven.” 4:55: A tour-guide overhears my conversation with Burne and says Jesus hangs out on the corner of Crescent Heights and Sunset. 5:03: I forgot to validate my parking and have to pay full price….!@@$#% 5:15: I almost rear-end someone on three separate occasions scanning the street for flowing white robes. Is it time to give up? 5:40: I am headed back toward home.


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